The Eagle Eye ATV




Here is a scenario: You have a production to do, maybe it is a shopping mall, a steel foundry, or even a golf course, you need a crane, but you have a lot of locations for beauty shots, or you need to update your stock footage. The Eagle Eye ATV is the answer. For multiple locations, it cannot be beat. For example: at the 2007 Coca-Cola 600 at Lowe’s Motor Speedway, we were asked to work on the Film “The History Of NASCAR.” THE EAGLE EYE ATVWe had 14 different locations around inside and out of Lowe’s Motor Speedway. More then 21 different shots, with a 32′ crane in one day! Or in this picture , moving this crane on the turf dolly across that terrain, would have taken at least 6 people. With the ATV, all that was required was the operator and someone to walk with the head.

Engineered, Designed and Built Completely by
Eagle Eye Crane Productions.

My most mobile crane base. The electric powered unit can support the full 43 foot CamMate camera crane, the four levelers make positioning a snap. The electric cart allows the unit to be used inside buildings and outside virtually anywhere. As with all of my equipment, this base is strong, stable and of course mobile. Safety, strength and mobility are our main concerns in this support base. I have chosen the perfect vehicle to meet our needs, and it meets OSHA standards as well. This is NOT a homemade unit, the Taylor Dunn model B is our platform, and is made to support up to 3500 pounds, (that’s more then 2000 pounds more then the John Deere Gator). I have also added levelers to overcome slopes and stabilize the crane. Each jack can support 3500 pounds and can take each wheel almost 18 inches off of the ground. The custom mount for the crane makes this a one of a kind. The all electric unit is able to go just about anywhere with no impact on the surroundings. Inside buildings, out in parking lots, football fields, or out on a golf course, and pretty much all points in between.

Pictured are some of the locations where we have been. As the name implies, this base is truly an all terrain vehicle. The crane can be built once, then moved with ease from location to location. There is no longer a concern about the time it takes to move the crane, I just raise the load stabilizers, and head to the next shot.