Eagle Eye Productions prides itself on using only the best equipment on the market today. This page shows some of the smaller items that we use in productions. We are constantly looking and researching new products to enhance and make productions easier and better.

The BarTech wireless follow focus!

The CamMate Systems can operate all ENG style lenses that a studio configuration can be added. For the cine style lenses, or primes, we use a BarTech system. It is a very easy to use and dependable piece of equipment that controls focus. For situations with RF interference, we have the option of a 50′ cable, making this a wired remote system. 12 and 24 volt “Y” cables for Arri Cameras.

Additional items that are needed that we do not supply: Power for the camera, a long power cord to power the camera (remember that the camera is at the end of the crane and batteries add weight), and of course a video assist tap. If a zoom lens is used, a wireless or wired remote is needed to operate the zoom. Certain cameras need a start/stop cable extension. Please Contact for your specific situation for further information and pricing.


Eagle Eye Crane Productions uses only the best available monitors on the market today. Sony LMD-9050 multi-format monitor and the OLED 740W for High Definition shoots, eliminating the need to down convert the HD signal for crane operator or anyone on set. The latest addition to the monitor arsenal is the Transvideo Rainbow 7 SBL. All of the monitors that we use are the highest quality, and are usually the best on set.

The 360 degree Dutch Roll Head!

An innovation from CamMate The 360 degree Dutch Roll Head. For the latest most technically advanced movement in the industry. This head allows the camera to roll five times in either direction with a one button push back to center. Excellent for concerts and music events. The roll reacts with the same smooth action as the pan and tilt of the “L” shaped head. This head is a Eagle Eye Productions exclusive, and is available for rent to other CamMate owners. Contact us for specific uses and pricing.

Remote Power!

For remote location shooting battery systems are used. The T-Pack portable power systems from T-Jib can power two monitors, the crane system, and tally light for more than 12 hours. Go anywhere, no matter how remote the location is.

You can mount a Teleprompter!

A teleprompter may also be added to the head for talent to read copy. It is recommended that a flat screen be used for weight concerns. However, pictured below is a small QTV teleprompter that was mounted on a DVcam on a 43′ crane on the USS Yorktown. Eagle Eye Crane Productions does not own a teleprompter, but we can assist you in finding what you need.