Bases & Accessories

The most important decision in crane work is:

The wrong Base can and will cripple a production. Eagle Eye Crane Productions has gone to great lengths to provide a support base for just about all situations. Each of our Bases excel at a specific terrain or surface. I ask questions which allow me to determine what is needed for a particular location.

Crane Support

It all starts at the ground. If you don’t have a strong support, and you can’t change locations, nothing else matters. The bases of Eagle Eye Crane Productions set us apart from all others, they are designed and built for strength and performance and to overcome some kind of issue that we have encountered. Four different crane support bases offer producers a wide variety of options and mobility that no other company can match. Not all shoots are the same, and not all locations are on smooth, level concrete. Eagle Eye Crane Productions can provide the right base for the situation. Below are pictures and descriptions of the four different bases that use. We pride ourselves on being able to overcome just about any obstacle. From the most basic tripod, to the incredibly mobile ATV, I can go just about anywhere. Contact  me to discuss your particular needs.