CamMate 2000 Series

The CamMate camera crane is the LARGEST single man operated crane in the business. The world famous CamMate Camera Crane is made of six foot sections which can be assembled at various lengths and has a maximum height of 43 feet. A strong aircraft aluminum design and materials make the CamMate an extremely impressive piece of equipment in the studio and on location. CamMate Camera Cranes support all professional video cameras and many small film cameras (weight is the main concern for film cameras). With the 2000 series in its shortest configuration, the crane has a reach of six feet with a maximum height of twelve feet. Six foot sections can be added to reach desired height up to 43 feet. Shots can range from ground level, all the way up to its maximum height.  The camera is mounted on the “L” shaped head, and pan and tilt is controlled at the base by joystick and pistol grip.