Excerpt taken from Shoot Notes Summer 2008, a newsletter from EPIC Creative in the extra section titled:


“When it comes to introducing new products, awesome presentation is a requirement at John Deere in Cary, NC. And so it was in April when the hotline rang with a request from our John Deere associates, Mike Scaletta and Ross Pierson, for one of our value-packed proposals. John Deere was introducing an updated line of Gator XUV’s and Compact Utility Tractors, and dramatic footage was needed. The question: Can EPIC deliver? Well, the first question actually was, “What’s it gonna cost?” But after that it was, “Can you guys get us really cool crane shots?”

After admonishing them for even asking, we said yes and to prove it, we enlisted the services of the world’s first fiber optic, high definition camera crane and it’s owner/operator Rob Fleeger of EagleEye Productions in Greensboro, NC, to help. Working with Rob at the horse ranch location where the ticks roamed and the sky was partly cloudy all day, the EPIC crew was able to put hours of sweeping, swooping (yes, I’ll say it) EPIC footage in the can. The 32-foot crane from CamMate Systems positioned the HD camera at all sorts of unique angles, providing shots that sometimes began in the treetops and ended on a low-angle follow shot inches above the pond as the product cruised by the camera. Of equal benefit to production value and efficiency was that the crane came mounted on a utility vehicle, so we could roam the back 40 without a discouraging word (raising the ire of the ticks even higher).

With a combination of clever crane positioning, well-blocked action and a skilled operator, we nabbed three or more angles in one set up and five or more really, really nice shots in each choreographed move. We KO’ed the shot list quickly, even gathered bonus footage on the Deere wish list, and came up with a Shoot Notes story that mentions Mike and Ross. It just shows how a veteran video crew and a 32-foot crane can add value to a video production and how a newsletter can help you brown-nose clients. Ross & Mike, here’s your feature story – thanks boyz!”

And we thank you EPIC Creative for mention in your newsletter and the great experience in the shoot days. We look forward to the next time we meet, just watch out for the fire ants. Here are some shots from the John Deere shoot in Cary, NC.


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