Lowell, MA event

I had a great week in Lowell, MA at the Congress of Future Medical Leaders & Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders. It was a long week with some 15 hour days and a total of 89.5 hours of  work. I was one of the “old” guys in the building as the rest of the camera crew was half my age and the attendees were all teenagers.

The show was a high energy that demanded big dramatic jib moves to match the energy. There was stage diving and crowd surfing along with the occasional dance moves. The term of the week was “Energy Baby” and that is what I brought. Not too shabby for a talking head show that needs to keep the kids interested. There were Nobel speakers, pioneers that created many world changing devices and processes, a live surgery, and even a robot that took a wrong turn and went off of the back of the stage. It was a very fun event.