Jib Operator, Rob Fleeger

When An Experienced Jib Operator Is Crucial

Jib operator Rob FleegerI am jib operator Rob Fleeger, owner of Eagle Eye Crane Productions.  I specialize in remote head camera shots. I have 30 years of experience using CamMate camera cranes.  My mission is to bring the viewer into the image with breathtaking, fluid motion.  My equipment enables the camera to be taken off of the tripod and placed onto one of two cranes. The arms of the cranes can reach from eight feet up to a  maximum length of 43 feet. The four different support bases give the ability to work on virtually any type of surface in any location.

Jib Operator with Broad Experience

I work with a wide variety of networks, production companies, live events, broadcast, commercials, taped productions, concerts, industrials, and sporting events.  Located in central North Carolina and available to travel anywhere!


What I Use

I will bring thirty years of jib operator experience to your production.  You need not worry if I can do the job. Whatever is needed I have probably done before, and can do again, probably in one or two takes. Many times I have found angles for shots that were not considered before that end up being the “money shot.” There is virtually an unlimited number of angles that can be seen with a crane, and they can all float. One jib or camera crane can replace multiple cameras in live event productions, giving literally hundreds of angles. The remote head capabilities allow the camera to grab shots from ground level to above and around the action.

As you move around this site, you will see that Eagle Eye Crane Productions has been in areas from the sterile environment of operating rooms, to the not so sterile steel factory. I have worked at speedways, airports, manufacturing plants, museums, golf courses, out in fields and around neighborhoods. I pride myself on thinking outside of the box. Any producer can put a camera on a tripod, and get a shot. I can add depth and movement to the image. Give your production that “wow!” factor, bring the viewer into the action and make it an award winner. I have been a part of many award winning productions and personally, I was chosen for the Cine Golden Eagle Award in 2008 for a Victory Junction Gang Camp production “Feel Your Heart Race” as the crane videographer.

 I am here to make you look good!


Looking Forward

Looking forward to working with you on your next project!